Back in the days, when I was a little kid, I was a tiny boy who is shy and can never put two words together in front of someone that I don’t know or just that he is different than me either physically; like girls for example; or mentally. I grew up in a much … More THE JOURNEY


  In most Moroccan rural villages, kids tend to go to mosques instead of school. Families prefer t send their children to the mosque to acquire knowledge in their religion and perhaps become “SHEIKH” which is the Muslims priest. Now what captivated me, during my travels to these hidden villages and their mosques, is the … More RURAL VILLAGE KIDS

Baby Feminist

Originally posted on sojourn of a swashbuckler:
Growing up, feminism was a concept that I subscribed to while rarely considering its role in my own life. It honestly didn’t need to be anything more than that because my interaction with gender inequality was never more than lesson meant to prepare me for the future. Beginning…

A hidden paradise 

​ Just take me back to this place where heaven is located between the mountains of a oasis carefully hidden, to the most amazing lakes in the world 🌏, to the place where you can find peace and happiness, to the nature that enhances our humanity and our attachment to the universe, to the uniqueness … More A hidden paradise 

In A Filthy WORLD

​   In a filthy world that is polluted by hate, war, ego, materialisms…….that push us to hurt each other by avoiding any attachments with our humanity that makes us who we are, that teach us to accept others and love them for who they are, what they are and what they want to be. life … More In A Filthy WORLD

I still remember…

I still remember my first contact with the pure nature, I still remember the first day I went to the mountain, I still remember the feeling I had when I reached the summit, I still remember the pain I had after walking for more than 12 hours, yeah a fucken 12hours, I still remember how excited I … More I still remember…